We aim to provide you all necessary functionality and integration with operational systems interface:

  • Windows 7 (or newer) 32/64 bit builds
  • Linux Ubuntu 20.04 (or newer)
  • Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13 (or newer)

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App appearance

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InstMy - Your Instagram messenger for PC

Latest version: 0.9.1

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Supported platforms
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • OS X


  • Supported systems are Windows, Linux и Mac Os X. System notifications and unread message counter on app icon in task bar
  • Storing of user session login without need of using password each time you start our program
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Switching between users
  • Creating post with pictures and videos
  • Creating stories using editor
  • View of user profile, user information, stories, highlights, posts with pictures and videos. Like posts
  • Editing opportunities before sharing post
  • View of new user posts
  • View of popular publications
  • View and creation of comments. Like comments
  • View of daily stories, highlights
  • Rename hightlights, replace and delete stories
  • User stories comments
  • View lists of followers and following
  • Send text messages, pictures, video. Opportunities of sharing posts, stories and user profiles
  • User profile search, following the link in message, for ex. @user
  • Post search, following the tag, for ex. #tagname
  • Create list of favorites for quick view
  • User sorting by frequency of communication




Windows x64 build Download
Windows x32 buildDownload
Linux x64 buildDownload
Mac OS X x64 buildDownload

Installation instructions of InstMy

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X


  1. Use two-factor authentication.
  2. Keep your password secure and ensure its recovery options by using the best decision of 2-step authorization.
  3. Please try not to do many likes a day, follow daily limits of posting and direct messages. In case of breaking these rules your session will be blocked and you’d have to sign in again!

About us

Hi there! We wrote this convenient Instagram messenger for you.
It is still under active development, more updates and new features will be added soon !
Technologies have been used during its development: Electron, Node.js, Vue 3, Quasar 2, Pug, Stylus.
Special thanks to projects with open code: dilame, Nerixyz

If you want to contact us, please go to this page.


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Installation instructions of InstMy 0.9.1 in Linux Ubuntu:

Start downloading of app by clicking the link [Download] for your system.
After downloading the installer, run it from your browser’s list of downloads
The program will be installed automatically.
Now you can start the app from Start Menu

Installation instructions of InstMy 0.9.1 in Linux Ubuntu:

Start downloading of app by clicking the link[Download] for your system.
After downloading archive with program, unpack it with built-in archive manager
Open folder with unpacked app. Click right mouse button to open context menu, choose Terminal to start bash in app directory. Maybe you will have to make different steps in other Linux, but anyway you should open catalogue of unpacked app
Start it
Now app start will be available in common application list!

Installation instructions of InstMy 0.9.1 in Mac OS X High Sierra

Start downloading of app by clicking the link[Download] for your system.
After downloading of the app, please copy it to your folder /Applications
Start the app Instmy
Ypu need to open System Preferences and allow starting of InstMy on your PC, press the button 'Open Away'
Reaffirm action by pressing 'Open'
From now on app start will be same easy as start of any other application of your system